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Step-By-Step Guide To Becoming A Design Freelancer

If you read this blog, you might be interested in becoming a design freelancer. Becoming a freelancer is quite normal because it comes with many benefits that one cannot get in a regular 9 to 5 job.

We’re not going to tell you the benefits of becoming a design freelancer because we covered it in a previous blog. This blog will be about the steps you have to take to become one. Yes, you have to take steps to become a successful designer freelancer.  

But, following steps randomly isn’t a good practice. You have to follow them in order to actually understand why they matter. Otherwise, you’ll tell everyone that our steps didn’t work. So, to get the most benefits, make sure you follow all the steps we’ll tell in order.

Without any delay, let’s start with today’s blog.  

Choose Freelance Platforms

Before beginning your design freelance journey, the first step is to choose some freelance platforms. Today, there are so many platforms available that a regular person can get confused. While some platforms are great, others are not. It is crucial to know the difference between the good and the poor platforms.

The most popular platforms are Upwork & Fiverr. They’re the top-rated platforms, and experts from all over the world earn money through them. When these platforms started, their working and interface were entirely different from what it is now. Fun fact- these freelance platforms have improved a lot since they started.

When you’re just beginning your freelance journey, you want to create an account on websites that don’t ask for a premium membership. Some websites charge an amount to create an account. But, what’s the point of spending money when you have platforms like Upwork & Fiverr. Although you can take a premium membership, most tasks can be done using a free account. 

Take Time To Write Your About Section   

Most people don’t spend enough time while writing the about section of their freelance profile. Doing this can hurt their chances of becoming successful and earning money as a design freelancer. You have to dedicate a lot of time writing it effectively because it will be the first thing clients will look at.       

The about section is your chance to show what you can offer to people. When writing it, make sure your main focus is on the benefits clients will get. Some freelancers make the mistake of only highlighting their qualities. You have to think psychologically and write in a way that makes the client feel important.

Your about section doesn’t have to stay the same for years. Keep updating it when you think of some information that can add value or learn some new skill. We highly recommend you check top freelancers in your industry to know what exactly you have to include. Don’t copy what they wrote, but understand why they wrote what they wrote.

List Down Your Skills 

You cannot skip highlighting your skills on freelance platforms because this is what your clients will look at. If you only write graphic design as your skill, the information stays incomplete because there are so many fields a person can go into in the graphic design industry.

So, you have to make sure to list down all your skills properly. If you know how to design logos, mention logo design as a skill. If you think your skill might be something many people don’t know about, you would be at an advantage because a few people on the platform would offer the same services as you. It will allow you to offer unique services.

On some freelance platforms, there is an option to expand the skills. It means that you can write a description of the skills you possess. That’s because sometimes only writing skills are not enough. Through the descriptions, you can expand on how many years of experience you have, plus the things you’re really good at. On Upwork, you can create specialized profiles. It is for people who have different skills. We feel specialized profiles are better and increase the chances of getting picked versus a general profile.

List The Completed Projects

During your time as a designer, you may have completed some projects. You can use the completed projects by listing them in your freelance profile. Usually, the profiles that don’t have any projects find it hard to get clients. That’s because a person only chooses a freelancer who can display that they have completed similar work in the past.

On platforms like Upwork, you can write some lines about the projects you’ve completed. This allows you to tell about the client’s requirements and your role in the project. When you show people your role in the project, they identify why they should choose you over others.  

Take References

The next step is to take references from the clients you’ve worked with. If you’ve done good work & the client liked it, they wouldn’t hesitate to give a reference for you. If you don’t have any clients you’ve worked with, you can ask your employer for a reference.

There are so many places you can take references from. The more, the better. Even after knowing the benefits of references, many people who start freelancing don’t take it seriously. Their non-seriousness at the beginning stages becomes an actual problem & they realize that they should’ve taken references seriously.    

Send Out Proposals

Now that you’ve completed your profile, it is time to start sending out proposals. Upwork will start showing you relevant jobs after you’ve completed your profile. Some jobs may interest you and you may want to do the work. You have to write a proposal and send it to the client in such a case. You have to read the entire job description and fulfill each point the client asks.

Many new freelancers think they can write a proposal once and use it for similar jobs. But that’s not how it’s supposed to be done. You have to write an original proposal for each job because clients who’ve posted several jobs know which freelancer wrote the entire thing themselves and who used the same proposal everywhere.

Once you start doing it, your proposals will start getting accepted. Slowly and steadily, you’ll start earning as a freelance designer.


Becoming a freelancer is a great feeling because you can work from anywhere in the world. There is no restriction as long as you have an active internet connection and a laptop. Moreover, you can work on your own terms. At times, when you don’t feel like working, you can even do that.

The blog you just read is for people who want to start their freelance journey but don’t know where to begin from. We covered everything from the initial steps to handling multiple projects. If this blog added value, a share would be appreciated.